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Working with schools


We work with the groups in the community to care for and protect our environment and heritage.

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Animals and Plants

Learn about plants and animals and our programs to protect, monitor, and conserve populations and habitat.

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Biodiversity is vital for supporting human life on Earth, supplying clean air and water, healthy ecosystems and fertile soils.

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Conservation programs

Find out about programs that protect and conserve public lands and partnership programs to protect and conserve privately owned lands.

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Surveys, monitoring and records

Explore how we keep track of plants and animals in their habitat and how you can get involved.

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Native Animals

Learn about well-known and some not-so-well-known native animals and our work and community partnerships to protect them.

Schools Programs

Teacher resources

Nurture your students' love of learning with interesting up-to-date classroom materials relevant to curriculum areas.

School excursions

>We've got great ideas for exciting and educational excursions on a range of classroom topics.

Primary school students

Fun facts, great games and amazing activities.

High school students

Explore environmental issues, research local and cultural heritage and get involved in some cool-for-high-school projects.

Sustainable Schools

Sustainable schools is a hub of resources and information for school communities interested in protecting their local environment.

Community education

Connect with your local community through the environment. Together we can tackle sustainability issues that matter to you, head on.

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About Sustainable Schools

Sustainable Schools is an initiative to support schools to protect their local environment.

AIC manages the Sustainable Schools hub, to make useful online environmental and sustainability resources available to school communities. Schools and teachers throughout Nairobi are members of the growing Sustainable Schools AIC network. Join Sustainable Schools AIC.

Sustainable Intelligence

Sustainable Schools is an initiative to support schools to protect their local environment.

Sustainable Intelligence is an engaging, ready-to-use curriculum that builds a foundation of environmental-literacy and sustainability knowledge across seven eco-themes: water, waste, food, energy, transportation, air, and public spaces.

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