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About Us

Working with schools

Who we are

Working with the schools and community, Absolute Insight Consults cares for and protects the environment and heritage, which includes the natural environment, wildlife, culture and heritage, and built heritage. AIC supports the community and schools in protecting, strengthening and making the most of a healthy environment and economy in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Natural Environment

We provide tips, tools and community and school resources that will help you connect with your local community and improve local environments.


Many species of wildlife are delightful visitors to our properties, but some quickly wear out their welcome. Learn how to live in harmony with your native neighbours

Culture and Heritage

Identifying and listing items of heritage significance are the first steps in protecting and managing those places and objects that we as a community want to keep.

Our Role

AIC organization and services consists of five functional areas:

National Parks and Wildlife Service

We run programs to educate children on how national parks and wildlife service Manages, conserves and cares for more than 7 million hectares of land in national parks and reserves. AIC links schools to conservation and cultural outcomes in a sustainable way by building participation in the management and use of parks.


Provides scientific evidence and knowledge to underpin environmental decision making, regulation and service delivery.


Provides an integrated approach to conserving our national heritage.


Supports the Minister and AIC Executive by providing policy advice and leading the development of strategic policy. The Division leads AIC’s engagement in whole-of-government policy formation, Cabinet processes, legislative reforms and intergovernmental affairs.

Regional Operations

Delivers integrated and children focused services at the regional and local level to strengthen communities and partnerships across different counties. This includes services, programs and threatened species, native vegetation, education, community engagement, energy efficiency, volunteering, environmental water management, coast and flood protection, compliance and enforcement, adapting to a changing climate and private land conservation.

Our sustainability strategy

Let's take action together

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at AIC. We research, report, educate and enable, providing support to schools in various communities to make positive changes to the environment.

To us, sustainability means:

  • leading the way in caring for and improving our environment
  • being more efficient, effective, productive, resilient in environmental conservation
  • improving our health and wellbeing
  • sharing our knowledge to build an stronger community.

Our Strategy

We aim to be leaders in sustainability, sharing with people in Nairobi and beyond our sustainability practices. Our sustainability strategy will empower our staff with the information, methods and inspiration they need to improve AIC’s sustainability and provide outstanding sustainability leadership.

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Our sustainability priorities

When we developed our strategy, we listened to the expectations and ideas of AIC’s staff. Then we grouped our priorities into three themes.

  1. Leading the way
  2. We aim to be sustainability leaders, reducing our waste, and energy and water use, working with the most sustainable suppliers, and ensuring we have a healthy indoor environment.
    Everyone’s actions matter. From turning computers off at the end of the day to leading a project, staff can make a valuable contribution towards our sustainability goals.
  3. We do sustainability
  4. We empower our staff to take action on sustainability.
    Our Sustainability Change Makers Network identifies and shapes sustainability projects that improve our environment, health and wellbeing.
  5. Telling our story
  6. We communicate our performance externally via our annual report, and internally every six months through our intranet.
    We’re also conducting benchmark research so we know how we compare to other organizations, and developing a sustainability scorecard.

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